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Want to study in New Zealand but don’t know where to start? Madhavi's Overseas Education can help! We offer expert advice on New Zealand Student Visas, so you can achieve your dreams and make the most of your education. With Madhavi's Overseas Education on your side, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free visa application process.

Personalized Approach For New Zealand Student Visa In Ahmedabad

At Madhavi's Overseas Education, we know that any visa application requires a lot of preparation. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping you get your perfect study visa to New Zealand. We have helped 1000+ students and offer one of the best IELTS courses, making it easy for anyone who has ambitions to study in New Zealand.

Our experts are waiting to assist you at every step along this journey: From creating your personalised plan around current regulations, funds planning, quickly obtaining documentation and helping you achieve your dream.

Eligibility Criteria For New Zealand Student Visa
Intake: July / Feb
For Under Graduate Students :
For Graduate Students :

Scholarships: Study In New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand can be an expensive affair, but there are many scholarships for international students. You should plan ahead to apply and see what kind of scholarships or grants you may qualify for!

A partial scholarship covers some aspects, while fully paying ones cover all costs related to your studies, such as tuition fees. There is also government-provided funding which provides full financial assistance so long as certain requirements have been met, like high academic performance standards. You can get personalized guidance from the experts at Madhavi's Overseas Education, one of the best New Zealand study visa consultants in Ahmedabad.


Pre Departure

New Zealand is an incredible country, but it’s not without challenges. So as you prepare for your journey abroad and study in New Zealand, we want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible- because once students get here, they’re often excited about their time studying in New Zealand. That’s why our team offers pre-departure briefs, which gives you a head start at feeling prepared before arriving; while also providing support throughout the process.

Working While Studying And After Study

New Zealand student visas allow full-time students to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 in summer. This applies equally for secondary school as it does at higher education level; Research Master’s or PhD levels require that you can put forth maximum effort all around – so forty-hour weeks here too! You’ll be paid minimum wage (or more), though you may find yourself earning considerably over this amount and also annual holidays, bonuses etc., which are part of your salary package when working in New Zealand while studying.

New Zealand has fantastic work opportunities for international students looking to work and live in the country. The post-study work visa (NZ) enables those who are studying here and their partners and children with permits from Immigration authorities to apply for jobs at any employer within New Zealand and get paid handsomely too. Students also receive free education like locals.


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